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Each transmission is built from start to finish as a whole unit independent from all others.


First, the transmission is broken down and cleaned by our teardown department, and then inspected. It then goes into a hot wash and is brought out to be re-inspected by the prep department, which takes the cases to the polishing station for further cleanup.


The valve bodies are placed in an ultra-sonic cleaning station after the builder tears them down and inspects all springs and pistons. All pistons are then hand polished to a mirror finish, thus removing all imperfections, and the valve bodies are washed for a third time.


Valve bodies are then re-assembled by the builder who then goes over the notes of both prior inspections. The builder then does his own inspection and goes over the unit with a fine toothed comb. Once satisfied, he builds the unit. If there is a question regarding any quality issues, the builder then would go to the operations manager to correct his findings.


Each transmission goes through four cleaning stages and four inspection stages to insure cleanliness and quality of parts. Our transmissions are built in enclosed rooms to keep the environment as dust and lint free as is possible.


Each transmission is built using the finest OEM hard parts and bearings to insure a unit that will last for many years.


Once the transmission has been completed, the builder then stamps his initials and a serial number on the tranny and all work performed is then documented in his builder notes.

Building Process