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Build Process

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Multiple Points of


1 Builder

1 Transmission

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance when it comes to building a Honda transmission and is a main focus in our processing. Components are thoroughly cleaned and stored in sealed containers until the time the transmission transfers to the builder for assembly. Cases are tumbled in a sea of ceramic media for polishing, cleaning and deburring.

H&A understands that in order to have a solid finished product, you must first start with quality componentry. Therefore, all componentry moving to stock locations undergo quality inspection checks and are first certified by one of our master builders. New components are subject to spec compliance verification including metallurgy, fitment and functionality.

Like a Swiss Watch Maker, each transmission is built by a single builder that has gone through our rigorous training syllabus and certified by our master builders. This system allows for each individual transmission to be built with the same criteria regardless of the warranty option selected.

Each Transmission gets new:

> O-Rings

> Seals

> Gaskets

> Sealing Rings

> Filters

> Pressure Switches

> Sprag*

*where applicable


Electronics are cleaned, polished and baseline tested for functionality before being used in any H&A build.

The Process

Each Honda or Acura Transmission is built from start to finish as a whole unit independent from all others.

Electronics and converters are stripped upon receipt and are then dispersed for processing. Converters are sent for remanufacturing while the electronics are sent to the electronics department where they undergo cleaning, polishing and are baseline tested for functionality.


The transmission is broken down and cleaned by our tear down department, and each part is inspected and documented. The completely torn down unit is then passed through a hot tank machine for a deep cleaning, then dried with compressed air. The internal components are then sealed to maintain cleanliness. The cases will be sent to the polishing station for further cleanup, inspection and machining if required.


Once the transmission is scheduled for the production build, it is then assigned to one builder who will then disassemble the valve bodies, clean using an ultrasonic cleaner, inspect for wear, and send for machining if necessary. Once all components are deemed to meet the criteria, the valve body is then re-assembled where it is verified for integrity and proper fit and function.


The builder will then lay out all the components in preparation to begin building. At this time the builder will perform a final inspection of all components and any determined to not meet the criteria of build will then by replaced with good used or new components. All soft parts and pressure switches are always new. Pressure switches are 100% baseline tested for functionality using a Sol-X machine.


Once the transmission has been completed, the builder then stamps the serial number on the transmission and all work performed is documented in his builder notes that will forever be connected with that unit.


The builder will then deliver the transmission to the final inspection area where it is meticulously checked for any imperfections, dummy bolts are installed in critical mounting areas to verify thread integrity and all other torqued bolts will be verified for proper torque values. Torque converters will then by installed.


Finally, the transmission will be carefully packed and loaded for delivery or shipping to your facility.

The H&A Way

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